Christine Nidd, Quality and Compliance Manager

Joined HNW 8/2013

I try to live my life as much in the present moment as possible.

Bearing that in mind, my spare time is spent climbing mountains, hiking trails, exploring caverns and SCUBA diving.

I’ve been sightseeing from a hang glider in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Swimming with turtles, sharks and brilliant fish, my love of diving has taken me from Bali to Belize, Puget Sound to the Philippines, Hawaii to Honduras and many places in between. Recently I scaled Mount Baker in tribute to a dear friend, and continue to hike and climb and explore the many places on this beautiful planet.

I don’t really have a bucket list, because I do things as I think of them. Instead of waiting for “later in life,” I make plans when a new opportunity appears, then grab my gear and go.