Debbie Melnyk, Accountant Specialist

Joined HNW 11/2015

I enjoy working at Hospice of the Northwest because I can feel how much our nurses and doctors care deeply for our patients. I have never worked with such a great team: the administrative staff is wonderful, and everyone is so patient and helpful.

The number one thing on my bucket list is traveling with my family to different destinations. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids, and want to share the exploration of new places with them. I would like to start our travel with a trip to Greece, then go to Italy and make sure to visit Rome. This is my starting point because I have seen so many pictures in magazines and watched shows highlighting these areas. My enjoyment lies in sharing these experiences with my family.

The next trip on the list is to visit Disneyworld. My children love all the Disney characters, and I’d like to be with them when they get to experience meeting them the first time. There is no better place to feel like a kid: I get taken back to my own childhood when I think about meeting these characters in real life. In addition, visiting all of the national monuments is on the list. I love the idea of taking in all of the natural beauty of mother earth, and my family really enjoys being out in nature too.

As a final destination, I have a wish to visit all of the hot spring retreats in North America. I’ve heard about their therapeutic and healing properties, and I hope to experience this myself.