Kaaren Flint, Community Outreach Education Specialist

Joined HNW 07/2017

I have two specific items on my bucket list that I want to achieve: spend time on all seven continents and see Carole King in concert.

I’ve always had the fever for exploring the world. Eleven years ago when I met my husband, he had experienced very little travel and didn’t really have that “travel bug.” It has become a mission of mine to change this over our lifetime together.

Thus far, I have been to nine different countries and fell in love with the Mediterranean region. At the age of 13 I had the opportunity to visit Monaco and the south of France, both of which captured my heart. I would leap at the opportunity to return to either place.

Thankfully, there is so much left in this world to explore. I look forward to learning, eating, and submerging myself into all the new places I can find. My hope is to visit and experience cultures and historical sights before they no longer exist. Between global warming melting the polar ice cap, increased pollution and environmental degradation, I worry that humankind is not conscious of these beautiful and precious resources. Eventually they will just be memories that people pass down in stories they share with their children and grandchildren.

I want my two girls to see these wonders and have their hearts filled with the love of travel and the wonderment of adventure. Traveling with my mother is one of the things I love most, and I hope that one day my daughters will share in that joy. To discover something new and see the excitement and wonder in their eyes is a pleasure I hope to share every chance I get.

So, my list is short and simple: Travel around the world and find some time to squeeze in a Carole King concert wherever I may find her.