Pam Putney, Admissions Specialist

Joined HNW 10/2015

My bucket list started when I was three years old, on the day I met Jack. My mother was 25, done with her second failed marriage, living on public assistance with two little girls to raise. My first memory of Jack was watching him come down the sidewalk carrying two full bags of groceries for us.  That was when I began collecting items to go on my bucket list. Reminder to self: find a man that cares enough to feed and shelter you.

When I met my husband at 18 and we married at 21, I achieved this first item on the list.  As a bonus, we are still compatible and happy together after 45 years.

Jack and my mom married when I was five, then moved us into a house we owned.  My parents never attained an education past the eighth grade, so that became the second item on my list: get an education.

Driven by this need, I graduated from high school, completed trade school and have had a career spanning more than 40 years in health care administration. Item number two obtained.

Jack and my Mom were married for over 50 years, then she died in 2010.  She was on hospice for three months and Jack was a wonderful caregiver, making it possible for her to stay in their home.  Bucket list item number three: take care of Jack the way he took care of me and my Mom.

This recent bucket list item is a work in progress.  My husband and I are designing a new home so that Jack, who is now 90, can live with us for his remaining years.  Our only child and her family will live next door to help provide additional support.

My husband is now retired, and as the end of my career approaches, we talk about our bucket list. We want to be available to see our two grandsons grow and share our life experiences with them. Spending time with our family and friends is important. At home, we both enjoy supporting the community we live in through volunteering. Traveling within the United States to visit National Park Lodges is high on the priority list, along with visiting Hawaii to soak up the sun.