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Provider of the Quarter

At Hospice of the Northwest, we rely on nurses, doctors, pharmacists, first responders, and other providers to be our eyes, ears, and support out in the community. We are able to provide compassion and dignity to our patients because of the partnerships we have with other healthcare teams, and we’re so appreciative of their willingness to go above and beyond to assist when we have unusual patient situations. Because of the importance of these relationships, HNW developed a Provider of the Quarter program to recognize and honor these individuals and teams with a presentation and a certificate of appreciation. Below is our current featured POQ recipient.

Dr. Kiarash Kojouri, MD

Oncologist - Skagit Regional Cancer Care Center

At Hospice of the Northwest, we rely on our medical partners for support and assistance as we provide care for our patients and their circles of support. One third of our patients have a cancer diagnosis, so our relationship with the Cancer Care Centers is integral in providing compassion and dignity for every person we serve. For that reason, we would like to recognize Dr. Kiarash Kojouri, MD as the first quarter recipient of our Provider of the Quarter program for 2019.

One of the comments that we hear from patients about Dr. Kojouri is “he wants to understand what is important to me.” In an era when typical healthcare can feel rushed and impersonal, Dr. Kojouri connects with his patients on a deeper level, often taking a moment to sit down and have a meaningful conversation.

As Hospice Medical Director Dr. Anita Meyer says, “Dr. Kojouri is one of those people that really gets what it is like to be in this difficult situation. Colleagues and patients alike are drawn to his kind and compassionate demeanor. We are so honored to have him partner with our team.”

One of Dr. Kojouri’s patients recently told us, “He gave me a better understanding of what hospice is. It isn’t about dying, but about living well since the chemo wasn’t helping me anymore. He made it less scary.”

This week we visited Dr. Kojouri and the rest of the medical staff at the Skagit Regional Health Cancer Care Center to present the Provider of the Quarter certificate and to thank him for all he does to support our mission of providing compassion and dignity every moment of life.

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