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Provider of the Quarter

At Hospice of the Northwest, we rely on nurses, doctors, pharmacists, first responders, and other providers to be our eyes, ears, and support out in the community. We are able to provide compassion and dignity to our patients because of the partnerships we have with other healthcare teams, and we’re so appreciative of their willingness to go above and beyond to assist when we have unusual patient situations. Because of the importance of these relationships, HNW developed a Provider of the Quarter program to recognize and honor these individuals and teams with a presentation and a certificate of appreciation. Below is our current featured POQ recipient.

Michelle Moser, RPh

Pharmacists/Owner - Maker's Compounding Pharmacy & Hallmark

At Hospice of the Northwest, we provide compassion and dignity every moment of life for each of our patients, and we couldn’t do it without an extended circle of support. We rely on nurses, doctors, pharmacists, first responders and other primary care providers to be our eyes, ears and support out in the community. For the second quarter of 2018, we want to recognize Michelle Moser, RPh of Maker’s Compounding Pharmacy in Burlington, as an incredible member of our team in caring for our patients.

Often our doctors will consult with Michelle on difficult cases where certain medications are needed, and she has donated countless hours of her time to clarify what options would provide the best comfort and alleviate symptoms. In addition, she has been a long-time supporter for Hospice of the Northwest Foundation, which utilized 100% of donor funds to augment the needs of our patients and the people who care for them.

In addition to recognizing Michelle, we want to congratulate her on becoming a new member of the Mount Vernon community. This summer, she will be moving her business to downtown Mount Vernon (right across from the Co-Op) and plans to be ready to support her pharmacy clientele by the second week in July. We are so honored and grateful for all that she does to support our mission at hospice, and we’re looking forward to this continued partnership as neighbors in the years to come.

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