Hospice of the Northwest volunteers strengthen our team by providing care and comfort to patients and their families. They often do their best work by just being there for patients—holding hands, reassuring and listening to concerns.

Our volunteers feel greatly rewarded by their experiences and inspired by the strength and courage of the patients they serve. They usually feel they gain more than they are able to give.

Volunteer Contributions

  • Patient support: companionship, visits, active listening, bedside sitting, letter writing.
  • Sharing hobbies: reading, gardening, listening to music, watching sports, crafts.
  • Assisting caregivers: enabling caregivers to run errands, grocery shop, pick up prescriptions or just have time off.
  • Household tasks: light housekeeping and snack prep.
  • Administrative: help at the hospice office.

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How can you help by becoming a volunteer?

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