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A Celebration of Generosity

Posted on February 28th, 2020

On February 20th dedicated and generous donors, staff, volunteers, trustees, and community members came together to celebrate the significant impact donor funding has on the care that Hospice of the Northwest provides. In 2019, donor funding provided more than $720,000 in support of expert and compassionate hospice care. Donor funds support volunteer services, bereavement services, integrative therapy, staff education, medical equipment and technology, and hospice services for those who are not, or are under, insured.

Hospice of the Northwest Medical Director Anita Meyer explained how special populations, such as pediatric and veteran patients, have unique needs at the end of life. These patients and their loved ones rely on donor support to meet these needs. Dr. Meyer recounted how Hospice staff attend advanced training workshops in order to better support Veterans through the emotional and existential pain of previous trauma.

Hospice Telepage Nurse, Nellie Strong, explained how donor funded equipment helps her and her fellow nurses provide expert and efficient symptom management. She expressed gratitude for the donor funded bladder scanners that help field clinicians quickly and painlessly assess patient discomfort.

Father and son Navy Veterans, Wayne and Sean Bartlett, shared their gratitude for the donor funding that enhances the ability of the agency to care for Veterans. Wayne is a Hospice Patient Volunteer in the Veteran to Veteran program. He explained to the audience what a pinning ceremony is and why it is so meaningful for the Veterans involved. As Wayne explained, a generation of World War II and Korean War Veterans are facing end-of-life care decisions now, and they are quickly being followed by Vietnam and Gulf War era Veterans, many of whom are confronting serious illnesses at an even earlier age.  At the end of life, veterans as a whole tend to suffer from a unique array of challenges as a result of their service in the armed forces.  It is essential that the specific end of life challenges of Veterans be addressed.

Wendy Coates, HNWF Executive Director, closed the program by thanking donors for their support, she also reminded them that their “generosity not only helps hospice patients, but also their loved ones and our whole community. Your gifts provide hope, comfort, and laughter. Your gifts provide dignity and compassion every moment of life.”

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