From bathing to linen changes and everything in between, the Hospice Care Aides are there every step of the way. They support dignity and compassion with their patients each and every day by providing the ability to maintain personal hygiene routines, assisting families to continue this care, and by creating a bond with both patient and family to support them through the journey.

Last month, all 10 of our Hospice Care Aides participated in a two-day skills session to practice their amazing techniques and abilities. The training provided the HCAs with time to ask questions, promoted teaching to the families of our patients, and worked as a team building activity. Sessions such as these improve patient care by allowing staff to sharpen their skills and then relay those skills to families in order to help them feel confident providing care for their loved ones. 

Because medical progress is continually changing the way symptom management and care is provided, it is essential that Hospice staff stay current in best practice, pharmacology, and palliation. To that end, Hospice of the Northwest expends nearly $50,000 per year training its staff: from webinars to seminars to onsite clinical skills practice. Clinical skills training sessions like this one are made possible through a grant from the Andeavor Foundation.