Admission Eligibility Guidelines

Would you be surprised if a patient of yours died within the next 6 months?

Meaningful conversations between providers and their patients about appropriate care choices can lead to better outcomes. Evidence-based medicine is more than just using clinically proven procedures: it is equally important to decide what not to do. When having a dialogue with patients about their care goals when they have a terminal illness, it is helpful to have criteria about hospice guidelines to augment your clinical judgment. The Guideline for Hospice Admission (shown as tabs below) has some helpful tips and descriptions about the benchmarks commonly used when determining eligibility for hospice. Informational visits are available for your patients and can take place at home or in a hospital setting.

Disease Specific Eligibility Guidelines

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Printable Guidelines to Hospice Admission
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Palliative Pearls



Palliative Pearls – A moment of self-care

Double-booked patients, charts, emails, curbsides, phone calls, meetings. . . Work late and start again the next day

It is important to find a way to rest in the middle of things.

Stopping, even briefly, allows us to step out of our suffering and see clearly.  Without stopping, we run headlong from one iteration of suffering to the next, like a hamster on a wheel. 

To stop means to let go of the struggle. We don’t stop only after we’ve climbed our imagined mountain to reach the exalted top (like finishing our charts). We stop where we are. We stop right in the middle of this moment, no matter if our task is unfinished, our battle un-won.

Stop to take a breath now.  Take a breath before each chart, before each patient visit, before each email.  Put a reminder “BREATHE” on your computer. Stopping is freeing. Acknowledging your state of being, not turning from it, is victory.  It is enough.

You are enough.

Adapted from writings of Jon Prescott, Anacortes Mindfulness Community

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This quarter we are honoring Steve Skidmore, RPh at Skidmore Pharmacy!

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