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*** Due to COVID-19 the in-person recognition of our program, Hospice Heroes, has been temporarily suspended. It is our hope, in 2021, the opportunity to resume this in-person recognition can take place when it has become safe to do so. Until that day, we want to thank all frontline workers for being heroes during this difficult time. *** At Hospice of the Northwest, we rely on nurses, doctors, pharmacists, first responders, and other providers to be our eyes, ears, and support out in the community. We are able to provide compassion and dignity to our patients because of the partnerships we have with other healthcare teams, and we’re so appreciative of their willingness to go above and beyond to assist when we have unusual patient situations. Because of the importance of these relationships, HNW developed a Hospice Heroes program to recognize and honor these individuals and teams with a presentation and a certificate of appreciation. Below is our current featured Hospice Hero recipient.

Dr. John Gossom

Provider at San Juan Healthcare

Newly Retired Dr. Gossom Awarded Provider of the Quarter

Dr. John Gossom is one of the unsung heroes of San Juan Island. As a geriatric and family practice provider in Friday Harbor for over 30 years, he was one of those exceptional doctors always willing to be present and involved in the care of our hospice patients. His desire to stay connected as people journeyed through this last stage of their lives was a testament to his deep commitment to his community.

“The dedication and true caring that Dr. Gossom had for his patients was always evident,” said Hospice of the Northwest Medical Director Anita Meyer. “It’s rare for a provider to be both the attending and managing physician for a hospice patient, but he always did that. And he was great at it,” she added.

Working in a rural community like on the San Juan Islands presents its own kind of challenges, as Hospice of the Northwest RN case manager Kathryn Clary knows all too well. Being dependent on ferry schedules and sometimes having limited resources can feel lonely at times. But Kathryn knew she could rely on Dr. Gossom to have her back.

“He was always willing to step outside of the routine office hours to consult with me about my patients who were experiencing complications,” Kathryn explained. “That’s not something we usually see with busy medical providers these days, and it was such a relief to know he was there to support me when I needed it.”

This past January, community members gathered to celebrate Dr. Gossom’s retirement and say goodbye at The Grange in Friday Harbor. It was a bittersweet event as stories were shared by some of the thousands of people he has cared for over the years. Kathryn was able to share some of her own experiences with the crowd, and to thank Dr. Gossom for his help over the years.  She presented him with a Provider of the Quarter certificate that highlighted our appreciation for his partnership with Hospice of the Northwest:

“Leadership is about making others BETTER as a result of your presence and making SURE that impact lasts in your absence. Thank you for the amazing care and attention you’ve provided to our families and patients. You will be missed.”

Happy trails to you, Dr. Gossom. We wish you the best in this next chapter of your life.

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