Hospice is for life. On your terms.

The role of hospice is to provide patient-centered care and support through the end of life.

We focus on you. Your goals, plans, needs and desires. Our comprehensive services range from managing your discomfort and symptoms, to helping you navigate through insurance paperwork. We can help bring together the people you want to see, facilitate important communications, and provide support and education for you and your loved ones.

How you approach this journey is up to you. Our role is to honor your choices, fulfill your desires and respect your decisions, while providing compassionate care to make it all more comfortable and less stressful.

Hospice improves quality of life.

Patients and loved ones who come to hospice care have a better quality of life—and those who begin earlier are always glad they did. When pain and symptoms are managed, everyone can focus on living to the fullest.

Our staff is devoted to compassion and dignity, every moment of life.

Hospice of the Northwest staff is highly skilled and professional. Each of our nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, care aides and specially trained volunteers provides exceptional, personal care, so you and your loved ones feel supported and surrounded in compassion and dignity.

Hospice relieves end-of-life worries.

There is more to hospice than just palliative care to manage pain and relieve symptoms. Hospice tends to all aspects of your life, including social, spiritual and emotional. Your team will help connect you to legal and financial resources. We can also help you tackle sometimes-difficult issues, such as the spiritual questions that often arise during and after loss, and saying good-bye to loved ones.

Hospice supports your choices.

Hospice patients are in charge of their own lives. Our job is to support them in making end-of-life decisions that enhance their well-being and to help fulfill their goals, whatever they may be.

Hospice focuses on the whole patient.

Your care team will prepare a plan of care based completely on your needs and desires – from medication to supplies and equipment to complementary therapies. And with hospice, there are no medical appointments and waiting rooms—it’s in-home health care that comes to you.

Our donors are committed to our mission.

Hospice of the Northwest is supported by a generous community of donors, who make a substantial difference in the level of services our patients receive. They provide staff training and education, comprehensive bereavement services, complementary therapies to reduce pain and discomfort, and new technology to make patient care safer.