Comfort and support when you need it most.

Hospice of the Northwest provides security and support to patients and families at a time when they may be experiencing discomfort, confusion, stress and grief.

We provide a complete range of services designed to ease the symptoms and difficulties of late-stage illness, which improves everyone’s quality of life. Working with you, your loved ones and your physician, we will create a plan of care centered on your goals, needs, beliefs and comfort.

Pain and symptom management

Under the guidance of a Registered Nurse, the hospice medical director and your primary physician, your symptom control medications will be administered according to your personal wants and needs. Nurses educate you and your loved ones about what is happening with your illness, to ease decision making and alleviate anxiety.

Skilled personal care

Certified Hospice Care aids provide personal care, such as bathing, shaving, skin care, and nail care.

Spiritual support

Non-denominational spiritual counselors trained in end-of life concerns are available to provide spiritual support in your home. Your personalized care may include exploring life and death, saying goodbye to loved ones, finding hope and meaning, and dealing with grief.

Family services coordination

Social workers coordinate additional support and help with complex financial and medical decisions, as well as final arrangements, so you can focus on spending time with loved ones and living to the fullest.

Caregiver education and support

We’ll help you gain confidence while learning the skills to care for your loved one in the best possible way. We’ll also watch out for your needs so you can continue to care for your loved one.

Bereavement services and grief support

Each journey through grief and loss is unique. But you don’t have to go it alone. Our comprehensive bereavement services are available to family members and friends of Hospice of the Northwest patients, as well as to the communities we serve — Skagit, Island, San Juan and North Snohomish Counties.

  • Our skilled bereavement staff can answer your questions and concerns. We also provide short-term counseling for loved ones of Hospice of the Northwest patients.
  • Our Resource Center offers free reading and other materials on loan for adults, teens and children. Learn about caring for ill family members, coping with specific diseases, end of life concerns, and grief and loss. Click on the following link to access our Resource Center Catalog: Hospice Library

We come to you.

Hospice services are provided wherever the patient is—at home, an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility.

Hospice services are available to you 24/7.

In addition to scheduled visits, you are welcome to call with questions or concerns at any time, staff are available around the clock for consultation.

Hospice care can begin before the end stage of illness.

In fact, hospice is most effective when it begins sooner, rather than later. Many families say they wish they had known about hospice earlier.

Hospice care includes grief support.

Get more information or speak to someone about grief by calling 360-814-5589 or 360-814-5569.