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Palliative Pearl:

“I think COVID would be the end of me.”

May 2020 – Your frail patients are talking about whether they’ll survive COVID.  Schedule an appointment so they talk to YOU about it too.

If your clinic volume is down, you can use this time to do the vital work of hearing your patient’s values and helping them choose care that makes sense for them. 

We suggest you reach out to your patients with COPD, heart disease, dementia and frailty to address this important Advance Care Planning.

Click on this link below for a 10-minute video demonstration of an outpatient discussion. (The best video we’ve found on the subject!) 

Outpatient Discussion Video Demonstration

Click on this link below to download a copy of the written guide.

Written Guide

Billing information:

Advance Care Planning codes 99497 and 99498 can be used independently or along with other E/M codes including Welcome to Medicare Exam and Medicare Annual Wellness Exam.  They can be billed when the appointment is with a patient or a surrogate decision-maker.

They are time-based codes.  99497 is for the first 30 minutes spent and you must spend at least 16 minutes to use it.  99498 is for each additional 30 minutes spent.  It is used along with 99497 and you must spend at least 30 minutes (for the 99497) PLUS another 16 minutes (for the 99498).

For more information contact Dr. Leslie Estep or Dr. Anita Meyer at Hospice of the Northwest,
(360) 814-5550, or  or

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