How Hospice Cares for Families

Social worker with familyHospice care is about more than treating the patient. We use a patient-centered philosophy that cares for each patient’s circle of support as well.

Hospice of the Northwest patients have a dedicated care team that includes a physician, nurse, social worker, and spiritual counselor. The team works with you to create a personalized care plan tailored to your individual needs and goals, including the need to support your family members and loved ones during this challenging period.

Your hospice social worker takes the lead on family services and coordinating resources. Our hospice social workers provide the following:

    • Mental health support
    • Grief counseling
    • Psychosocial education

Navigating community and health systems

Social workers also provide assistance in navigating community resources (such as Veteran’s benefits, care facility placement, parking passes, and additional caregiving services).

Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing. Our social workers understand the system and offer support based on your specific needs. Your social worker is there to help you understand what each resource can do for you, and what needs to be set in motion for that to happen.

Social work looks different for each patient because everyone has their own needs and requires a different approach to their care and concerns.

Pet Therapy
Social worker with patient

Your hospice social worker is your advocate.

We exist to support and advocate for your end-of-life needs and goals. We want to know how you want to spend your time, how we can support your legacy, and how we can help you be at peace with the process.

Your dedicated hospice social worker is here to:

    • Educate
    • Support
    • Council
    • Advocate

We use person-centered, trauma-informed care and find creative ways to support patients. There is no typical day, it’s however you want your day to go.

Service coordination is part of your care plan

At Hospice of the Northwest, coordinating community and family services means helping you and your circle of support through the pendulum of hope and reality. From your prognosis to additional care needs, our goal is to be honest, realistic, and supportive of what you need.

Your social worker will be your advocate. They will do their best to navigate all available resources to make things easier for you, your loved ones, and your circle of support.

Your dedicated hospice care team will walk alongside you so that you will never feel unsupported.

If you have any questions on how Hospice of the Northwest can help you or your circle of support, please call us at (360) 814–5550 or fill out the email form to the right.

“Social work spoke to me because it really is a holistic field. It looks at all aspects of a person. I really think people who are going through a tough time need someone to just listen, and be there. And help them process.”

Katie Davis, Social Worker

Katie Davis speaks on Family Services and Coordination

Learn more about Katie Davis and her role as a social worker.

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