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Volunteer RichardWe now have a generation of World War II and Korean War Veterans facing end-of-life decisions. They are quickly followed by younger Vietnam and Gulf War-era Veterans, many of whom are confronting serious illnesses at an even earlier age. U.S. Military Veterans are a unique group of individuals requiring additional interventions and approaches to their end-of-life care treatment plans.

Roughly one-third of our daily patient census consists of Military Veterans, serving approximately 1,000 local Veterans over the last decade. Our dedicated care teams make every effort to honor our patients’ wishes, lifestyles, and needs by asking them what matters most. For Veterans in hospice care, we are able to offer some additional services to support their end-of-life journey.

We Honor Veterans

We partner with the national We Honor Veterans program, which was formed in partnership between the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs. This membership means that we:

    • Provide Veteran-centered care and education, and work to identify which of our patients are Veterans
    • Use our organizational power to support, improve, and optimize care for our Veteran patients
    • Work with our local VA hospitals and offices to identify resources and benefits for our Veteran patients
    • Improve access and find new ways to care for our Veterans through hospice care benefits

Many members of our staff and volunteers are Military Veterans themselves, so they understand the unique needs of our Veteran patients. Your dedicated care team will honor your legacy as a Veteran of our armed forces by giving you the care that you deserve, in a manner that best accommodates your lifestyle, your needs, and your goals.

Pinning Ceremony

Veteran-centered programs

We customize our care plans to each individual’s needs and goals, with additional programs and services provided to our Veterans. When a Veteran comes on hospice service, in addition to the standard admission process, we use a military history checklist to review your time in the service. This helps your care team identify care techniques and interventions that best serve your needs.

Our social workers spend a lot of time identifying Veterans who may be eligible for certain VA benefits and help them fill out the relevant paperwork. We work closely with VA hospitals and offices to learn about new programs, events, and benefits for our patients to access.

Some additional programs focused on the unique needs of Veterans include:

    • Veteran-To-Veteran volunteer matching: We do our best to match Veteran patients with a volunteer who served in the same branch. The natural and instant camaraderie and familial bonds formed between military service members are unmatched.
    • Veteran Pinning CeremonyRecognition and Pinning Ceremonies: Pinning Ceremonies are an important recognition event offered to every Military Veteran patient. Pinning Ceremonies are tailored to each individual, specifically honoring their Military history, service, and honors.
    • Practicing trauma-informed care: We are committed to serving Veterans holistically; mind, body, and spirit. Many Veterans have life experience that includes trauma. Our dedicated care teams practice trauma-informed care techniques to ensure that the care you receive is delivered in a compassionate, respectful, and dignified way.

Hospice care at Hospice of the Northwest is about making our patients and their circles of support feel heard, seen, and acknowledged by their community. We make every effort to honor the wishes and needs of every patient. We are committed to serving those who have served.

If you have any questions about hospice care for U.S. Military Veterans please call (360) 814–5550 or fill out the email form.

“I told Mom that we were going to have this Pinning Ceremony to recognize her commitment to service to our country. And, boy! Mom just lit up like crazy!”

Charlie Glaspy, family member of U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

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