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Palliative Pearls

Palliative Pearls – “Time Limited Trials”

August 2020 – Time limited trials of therapy are a powerful tool when the benefit/burden balance of treatment is uncertain. This approach has many benefits ·      ...

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Palliative Pearls – “Be a hero: Make S**t Happen”

July 2020 – Deliver a one-two punch:  increase gut motility and stool moisture with scheduled meds. Constipation is predictable.  Think hospitalization, immobility, newly prescribed opioid...

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Methadone…worth the trouble.

June 2020 – Methadone…worth the trouble. Don’t write off methadone as a pain medication – it may be life changing for your palliative patients. A few reasons why: Methadone is the only lon...

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“I think COVID would be the end of me.”

May 2020 – Your frail patients are talking about whether they’ll survive COVID.  Schedule an appointment so they talk to YOU about it too. If your clinic volume is down, you can use this time...

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COVID infection order set and tools for the skilled facility

April 2020 – Skilled facilities are seeing more COVID infection. Residents with DNR/DNI and comfort-focused goals need not be transported to the hospital.  Below, please find an order set, ...

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A proactive approach for COVID-19

March 2020 –Do you care for vulnerable elders, memory care patients, the complex chronically ill or nursing home residents? Tips for conversations about future care decisions during a pandemic: ...

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Revisiting Advanced Care Planning

February 2020 – Use the 6 D’s to trigger follow-up conversations with a surrogate decision-maker and to update POLST and living will. Review goals and documents Decade: every ten years (some a...

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A Favorite Recipe for Dry Mouth

January 2020 – Providing end-of-life mouth care is a high priority at Hospice of the Northwest. Mix together: 15 ml coconut oil 15 ml water 15 ml alcohol free mouthwash Apply a small amount to d...

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Grief Support

December 2019 – Grief counselling is available to the community at large from Hospice of the Northwest. Any member of our community can use Hospice of the Northwest for grief support. We offer b...

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A Moment for Reflection

November 2019 – All of us have special people in our lives who have loved us into being.  Take just 10 seconds to think about all of the people who have helped you become who you are, those who...

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