Hand-held fan for dyspnea

May 2017 –

Treating dyspnea improves function in late stage COPD and CHF.

  • Studies show the use a hand held fan directed to the face reduces dyspnea.
  • Low dose opioids (not only morphine) also reduce dyspnea, usually at doses lower than typically needed to treat pain.

Immediate release morphine sulfate liquid 20mg/ml, 1-2 mg orally or sublingually every two hours as needed before activity or as needed for dyspnea.

Morphine sulfate ER 10 mg (Kadian). This delivers 10 mg of morphine over a 24 hour period. (Longer acting than MS Contin)

Methadone 2- 2.5 mg once or twice daily. Available as 5 mg tabs or 10 mg/ml liquid.

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