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Feb 8, 2023 | About Us, News, Pet Peace of Mind, Service Line, Volunteers

Hospice patient with his dogAt Hospice of the Northwest, we know pets are part of the family. They are also a special source of comfort and love for people facing a life-limiting illness. However, it can be difficult for hospice patients to care for their pets. That’s why Hospice of the Northwest is a member of the Pet Peace of Mind program.

Pet Peace of Mind is a patient support program that preserves the loving bond between pets and their humans during the end-of-life-journey. The company is based in Oregon and partners with hospice organizations of all types and sizes. They train volunteers, including those at Hospice of the Northwest, to provide pet care assistance.

Pet Peace of Mind volunteers at Hospice of the Northwest coordinate with patients and families to provide in-home pet care, such as feeding and daily exercise. Volunteers may also help patients write a re-homing agreement for their pet. This allows patients to make choices about their pet’s care after they pass. This reduces the stress they might feel worrying about what will happen to their pet.

By partnering with Pet Peace of Mind, Hospice of the Northwest is able to support patients, their pets and the people who care for them after the owner has died. The program is made possible by generous donors who support Hospice of the Northwest Foundation.

“For many patients, keeping a beloved pet nearby during the hospice journey is important. It’s a significant part of providing compassionate and dignified care,” said Bob Laws, Executive Director of Hospice of the Northwest. “Finding a home for the pet after they pass may also be one of the most important pieces of unfinished business that worries a patient.”

Read more about how this program helped Barbara and her cat Tango, and the role it played in uniting hospice nurse, Carrie Woodfield with miniature poodle, Cam.

Learn more about becoming a Hospice of the Northwest volunteer and the Pet Peace of Mind program.

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