More SuperEar Devices Deployed with Hospice of the Northwest Clinicians

Jan 29, 2021 | Foundation, News, Social Work, Volunteers

Each clinician now has their own set of SuperEars to assist with patient and family communication.

In late 2019, donors funded the purchase of several SuperEar sound amplifiers. These devices were deployed by several clinicians and volunteers as a trial to see if they could improve communication with patients who have hearing difficulties. After several months, clinicians at Hospice of the Northwest requested 10 more units, and once again donors provided more.

SuperEars Demonstration

MSWs Katie and Jonathan demonstrate how SuperEars work

Soon, Hospice of the Northwest clinicians discovered that these personal sound amplifiers effectively increase sound for people who have difficulty hearing, but are not utilizing hearing aids, and could dramatically improve a patient’s ability to communicate as well as decrease their feelings of isolation and anxiety. By late 2020, every clinician had a set of SuperEars as part of their standard patient care kit.

The utilization of these devices has made an important impact to Hospice of the Northwest patients, clinicians, and volunteers, moreover patient quality of life has dramatically improved. Initially a donor funded program, this equipment has now become standard issue at Hospice of the Northwest.

“Having the equipment on hand to allow patients the opportunity for greater understanding and interaction through spoken language is a gift that leaves me, well, speechless,” said Volunteer Manager Erin Long.  “We are grateful to donors.”

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