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Wendy Hubenthal, MA, LMHCA, CT – Bereavement Counselor

Wendy Hubenthal MS, MA, LMHCA, CT, Bereavement Counselor Joined HNW 3/2008 There is nothing that matters more to me than spending time with close family members and friends. If I had a bucket list, being with those who are dear to me would capture every [...]

Myth: All hospices are the same.

Truth: There are thousands of hospices in the United States. If they participate with Medicare, as many do, they are required to provide certain services to the patient and documentation to the government. In that respect, they are the same. However, hospices may be nonprofit [...]

Myth: Hospice requires a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order

Truth: The purpose and benefit of hospice care is to allow for  peaceful passing in a comfortable and familiar setting like home with loved ones near. While many people wish to have a DNR to avoid unnecessary medical intervention and hospitalization, you are not required [...]

Myth: If you choose hospice care you won’t get other medical treatment.

Truth: While the hospice team will provide all aspects of care for the illness that qualifies you for hospice services, you are still free to seek treatment for unrelated illnesses or conditions. For example, if you are receiving hospice care for heart disease, you can [...]