Wound Odor

May 2021 – When assessing palliative wounds- not expected to heal, sometimes managing the odiferous drainage can be the greatest kindness for patients and visitors.

Non-healing wounds are common at end-of-life, whether from pressure ulcers, vascular disease, or tumors.
Foul-smelling drainage can be a source of embarrassment and cause social withdrawal and physical isolation for patients.
We suggest using a metronidazole 500mg tablet, crushed and sprinkled on the wound bed with each dressing change. It knocks back enough bacteria to help odor and can reduce drainage to allow for less frequent dressing changes too.

www.mypcnow.org/fast-fact/managing-wound-odor for more info.

For more information contact Dr. Leslie Estep or Dr. Anita Meyer at Hospice of the Northwest, 360-814-5550, or lestep@hospicenw.org  or  ameyer@hospicenw.org

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